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  ȺпԺ뵼о, ¼ѧ¼¿Ƽѧ¼¹ѧӢлƶ´ѧ²ʿͲʿо֮ǿƼӿƼ˾Ĵʼ˺ϯѧңзΪ뵼ϵͳ򷢹⡢ɫʡͼʾӦõĵLED 죬뼤ԪɫʴӡͶӰʾϵͳ͵н10Ŀо, 863ƻ, ί¼¹һ(NRF)Ӣѧо»Ŀ(EPSRC)ȶĿ
  ڹѧڿ,ACS Photonics, Nano Energy, Appl. Phys. Lett.ȷѧ60 ƪNature Materials Review ڿ,ôԼ500 Σר24 Ȩר13 ĿǰIEEE Աڿ, Nanoscale, Nano Energy ȵˡαҵýCompound Semiconductor, Semiconductor Today
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1.   ΢켼װ; 2. ΢ɹѧ͹ϵͳ͹ʾϵͳ; 3. 뵼壨III-) ; 4.ﴫӭ׿Ƽ΢ϵͳ΢ӹʾ繦ȷȤͬѧ룬רҵΪѧ̣΢ӣѧѧе̣ϵȡڶඥϵ, ѧл͹опԺ뵼廪ѧ¼¿ƼѧԼҵ繫˾, ȻᣬΪͬѧṩĹʼЧ, ߳ȡŬõĹͿ, ȡ
liancheng_wang@csu.edu.cn; wanglc@semi.ac.cn. 
칫ңϴѧУ繤ѧԺ (Ƽ¥) A-510.
΢ţ 271949769.

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Before 2017
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18. ;־ǿ;;;;,ػֱṹܵ缫ṹ: 201010251508.0.
йʵר Ȩ
1. һ߿ƵƶLEDʺơţ201520489299.1. ЧȽԻԣϣ٣л
2. һԵLEDװ壬ţ201520510403.0. ЧȽԻԣϣ٣л
3. LEDɱˣţ201520489298.7ЧȽԻԣϣ٣л
4. һȫʵػLEDоƬʽװ, ţ201520489338.8. ЧȽԻԣϣ٣л
5. һLEDЬţ201520489336.9. ЧȽԻԣϣ٣л
6. һֻڿɼͨŵĵɫϵͳţ201520489300.0. ЧȽԻԣϣ٣л

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